NoCap – Pain Show Lyrics

Pain Show Lyrics

Below you can find song text Pain Show from artist NoCap

Pain Show Lyrics

I feel sorry for your soul if you reach for my necklace, yeah
Ridin’ round with that chainsaw while I’m in Texas, yeah
Big on loyalty, got n*ggas I won’t play ’bout
Tied into the game, it ain’t no way out
If I go back broke, then I’ma run it up again
Murder that she wrote and then I went and took the pen
We gon’ knock ya n*gga down if we never see ya
Thought I made it out the streets, I fell a lil’ deeper
f*cked the same b*tches as Meek, watch a n*gga count a mil’ up
They hate I’m still here, I watched them n*ggas go buy earplugs
But it’s still love

[Verse 1]
Ayy, they play, we gon’ suit up likе the motherf*ckin’ presidеnt
It was me and Joe talkin’ ’bout sh*t I couldn’t buy ‘den
I’m that n*gga that they thought I woulda never been, free Ten Woah
n*gga, it’s death behind this jewelry and my diamonds

You servin’ raw, you seen it all
Fentanyl, get it off
Rest in peace Trey Baby, I heard they killed him in his house
So I got so many guns up in the couch
See the blood on that money that I’m countin’
Before you bury me, gotta kill me in your town
Choppa Beyoncé, I just love how that b*tch sound
Watch out for opps as I hold ghetto down


Kobe Vidal Crawford (born August 20, 1998), known professionally as NoCap, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Noted for his thoughtful lyrics and high pitched voice, he is a rapper known for his collaborations with Rylo Rodriguez. They worked on the songs “How We Roll” and “Dead Faces” together, and also dropped a project titled Rogerville. Some of his top solo singles included “Ghetto Angels” and “Legend.”

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